Guidance and implementation

You can count on us from early stage consulting to project deployment, user adoption and training.

Discovery workshops

If you want to introduce, transform of adapt your digital workspace in a company, you will face many challenges and obstacles on the way.

The key to success is to identify these things from the very beginning of the project. That is why we have our Discovery Workshops. Our consultants take the time to analyze and identify your technical and operational needs. After a profound analysis, we define a clear roadmap towards the final implementation.


The Collective brings the best consultants in the world in their respective domains.

All of our experts are highly-trained, -skilled and -awarded people. We are proud to say we employ both Microsoft Certified Masters (MCSM) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). This makes us unique in the Benelux area.


It is our duty to transform our roadmap and design into a concrete implementation in the most effective and efficient way possible. We love to work in an agile and non disruptive way so we can offer our customers a fast ROI on their project with a short time to value.

User adoption

An enterprise solution needs to be used in order to be a viable and profitable investment. That is why we provide profound research of the user adoption of your solution. We can even train departments and employees to use the solutions in a correct and efficient manner

We ask the necessary questions to address all topics if it comes to user adoption. Why are some users not using some parts of the solutions? Is there a technical challenge for the users? Are they well informed about certain features? Are they aware of how everything works and how it can improve their daily work? Et cetera.


We offer support on demand. We drop by,  fix the issue and we go. Thanks to our many years of experience we manage to detect even the most technical problems very fast.

We choose not to work with continuous support contracts. If your particular case requires a support estimation in advance we will provide you one.


When it comes to training, we offer both training for administrators and end-users. In the admin training, we focus on the best practices and knowledge sharing for your in-house IT professionals. Our end-user trainings focus on how to effectively use the solution(s) in the daily tasks of an organization’s different departments.

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