About Microsoft Inspire and driving value for our customers

One of our managing partners, Michael Van Horenbeeck, was recently interviewed by Nicolas Blank from the Cloud Architects podcast on the value of Microsoft Inspire. Nicolas, a business-owner himself, asked our opinion on why we attended Microsoft Inspire and whether we found the conference valuable. A question that plagues many a partners around the world.

The Collective has a strong technical background. It’s the legacy upon which our organization is built. As such, we often attend technical conferences throughout the world where we soak in knowledge and – occasionally – speak about a variety of topics around Microsoft 365. So, why is it that techies find value in traveling across the globe to attend a conference which, historically, is perceived as a mostly sales-driven event? It’s true that, also for us, making the decision to attend Inspire in Vegas wasn’t an obvious one to start with.

But thanks to an excellent organization, lots of opportunities to engage with Microsoft and partners alike and a good preparation we were able to drive more value out of the conference than what we would have hoped for. It’s been a great opportunity to tighten our relationship with the local Microsoft sub as well as the wider Microsoft corporation and it’s become the foundation of new partnerships which will allow us to drive more value for our customers both in the short and long term.

You can also watch the full video directly on Youtube, here

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