Cloud Control – Security-as-a-Service

Security-as-a-Service; in and through the cloud

Malicious actors don’t keep a nine-to-five schedule and are continuously trying to find new ways to breach through one’s security. Because of the constantly evolving threat landscape, it is not only important to invest in protective measures, but also to stay on top of things, respond to events and alerts, proactively hunt for signs of compromise, and continuously improve your overall security posture. Performing these activities can quickly become time consuming and costly…

Your security in and through the cloud​

Cloud Control - Security

Our Security Operation Center-as-a-Service keeps an eye on your environment to ensure it is safe and secure; even while you are asleep. Our team operates from Belgium and covers systems world-wide. We leverage technological advancements in automation and artificial intelligence to increase detection and response capabilities, all whilst maximizing efficiency and minimizing overhead.

We strongly believe that a Managed Security Service Provider should not just be an external party, but rather an extension of your own team. Through a close collaboration with our customers, we maximize the value by leveraging the strengths and capabilities of both parties to the fullest. Where we bring technical leadership and knowledge, you bring intimate knowledge about your setup, environment, history, and business processes and requirements. Together, we can achieve more.

Everything we do, closely aligns with the MITRE ATT&CK framework; not only for reporting purposes, but also to help prioritize activities, develop new playbooks, and provide additional visibility and insights for stakeholders across your organization.

Securing the enterprise is a never-ending journey. Our approach was designed from the ground up to address the challenges that entail the ever-changing threat landscape in a holistic way; it allows us to significantly reduce the time to detect and respond to threats and breaches.