Cloud Control – Managed Azure​

A modern approach to infrastructure

Businesses small and large should focus on what drives them: the products, solutions, and services they offer. IT is an important asset that can fuel and support the growth of your organization. However, it can be time-consuming and expensive too. Especially in a cloud-oriented world, the cost of keeping-up can be staggering. Leaving your ICT-environment in the hands of a skilled and trusted partner, will free up time  so you can focus on what really matters: your customers.

Like our Cloud Control for Security Managed Service, Cloud Control for Office 365 and Azure is designed to unburden you from the day-to-day management and improvement of your cloud solutions.

Our managed service

Microsoft Azure provides more than just a replacement for your on-premises datacenter. If anything, it represents an opportunity to drive innovation and create smarter solutions. Based on modern management paradigms such as infrastructure-as-a-code (DevOps), we unburden you from day-to-day activities so you can focus on what matters most: developing innovative solutions to boost your business. 

As part of our services, we’ll take care of the following activities:

  • Monitoring of uptime, service configuration, and security.
  • Implementation and follow-up of best practices in terms of architecture and security.
  • Continuous improvement, both from a service and cost perspective.
  • Assistance and guidance with modernization of your infrastructure.
  • Licensing (optional).
  • Integration with Cloud Control – Security (optional)

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