Cloud Control – Security

Let us unburden you, so you can focus on what is important to you. Our Cloud Control Security service is designed to keep an eye on your environment and ensures your environment is safe and secure; even while you’re asleep.

Teams Meeting Rooms

Be more productive by introducing modern meeting room solutions. Bring crystal clear audio and video into every meeting room whether they are small or large. There is a broad spectrum of devices that will help the meeting room experience light up in your organization.

Experience the new Surface HUB 2S for unmatched collaboration and combine with the native Microsoft Teams and Skype meeting rooms to complete your meeting room solutions with impeccable audio and video quality.

Strategy & Vision workshops

Delivered by our expert-consultants, we help you determine where to go next with Microsoft’s latest and greats solutions and technologies.

Cloud Control for Office 365/Azure

Like our Cloud Control Security service, Cloud Control is a managed service through which we can either completely manage your Office 365 and Azure experience or tackle it jointly in a co-management scenario.

Quality Assurance

Large organizations and ones with complex infrastructures often struggle to manage the complexity of various systems and integrations. This complexity often increases in projects where various partners or vendors are involved. Driven by our expertise, we act like an editor-in-chief: we safeguard the quality of your solution(s) and project, en exert control over various aspects of the project, from workshops over design review and post-implementation reviews.

Intelligent Adoption

People use technology to assist in their work or create certain outcomes. As technology evolves, so does the way people interact with it. Cloud platforms are very powerful, offer many capabilities and can change very often. This combination can be overwhelming to users; a solid approach to introducing change in your organization can increase adoption and therefore satisfcation and efficiency. Through our intelligent adoption platform, we aim to help users to become more proficient with the systems they use.

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