Our added value

Cloud platforms offer a flexible approach to scale up (or down) as your organization evolves. So should licensing. Being able to leverage a flexbile licensing plan tailored to your needs can help you save costs and time. However, with the myriad of services and solutions, deciding which licenses to use can be a challenging task.

As Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we offer both Microsoft 365 and Azure subscription licenses that you can manage more flexibly than on most contracts on either a monthly or yearly basis.

Cloud Control Integration

Our Cloud Control customers can also benefit from a variety of services.

  1. We perform automatic license checks to ensure you never pay for what you’re not using. For this, we continuously monitor your service usage and can also identify areas where adoption could be improved to maximize the benefit(s) from the licenses you’ve purchased.
  2. Customers get access to a licensing tool through which they can more easily and flexible manage license assignments in Office 365.

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