The Collective

Top experts create The Collective to bring more companies into the Cloud.

Five top experts in Microsoft solutions join forces in a new consulting consortium – The Collective – that will offer expert services and solutions to companies worldwide.

Michael Van Horenbeeck, Johan Delimon, Timmy Luts, Tom Van Zele and Sven Mattheus are five well-known and recognized top-experts in a variety of Microsoft solutions and services. They identified a need with their customers for more integrated advice and support, so they joined forces and created a consulting consortium called “The Collective”.

The Collective features a team of several Microsoft Certified (Solution) Masters (MCSM), Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and Microsoft Certified Trainers. With this all-round team of experts, The Collective will deliver expert-level consulting services for Microsoft products and solutions covering the full breadth of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Data Platform workloads such as Office 365, Enterprise Mobility & Security, Windows 10, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Exchange Server and SQL Server.

All members of The Collective have a different background in IT but share a common passion for the work they do as well as sharing that passion and knowledge with others, either through local initiatives or speaking at various international conferences.

“Our goal is simple, yet comprehensive,” stated Michael Van Horenbeeck, managing partner: “we want to help our customers be successful in their transformation. We guide them through the paradigm shift that typically entails a move from a traditional ‘on-premises-only’ environment towards a more cloud-centric approach.”

Johan Delimon, managing partner, added that “Working with skilled professionals is part of our DNA. As experts and community leaders in their respective domains, our consultants embrace and embody the empowerment of our customers and deliver the highest quality.”

With this public launch, The Collective also announces a collaboration with Fujitsu Technology Solutions to provide high-level consulting services for their enterprise customers. In this capacity, the consultants from The Collective will team up with the consultants of Fujitsu Technology Services, providing hands-on digital transformation services to customers.

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