Security Assessments

Top reasons for a Security Assessment

  Quick and easy way to gain visibility into your security posture with an overview of potential risks and threats.
✓  Executed by certified, experienced people
  An outside look, inside. No bias, baggage.
  Maximize your investment in Microsoft solutions like M365 E3/E5
  An actionable roadmap, tailored to your business

Our approach

In this 5-day engagement, our consultant(s) will take a closer look at your current environment, tools and configuration thereof. They will examine existing processes, policies and procedures, and will have a discussion with various stakeholders from the business to understand the unique challenges and requirements of your business.

With the information they acquired and the findings from the audit, they’ll create an action plan which, on the final day, we will present to and discuss with you.

If required, we can also provide an external “pentest” (penetration test); executed by one of our partners. A pentest is typically used to assess the overall security of a system or set of systems, by attempting to gain (unauthorized) access or breaching the system in some way; very much like how malicious actors would do it.