About Jente

Jente Paredis

Security, Teamwork & Productivity

Short Bio:

Passionate, people-person, Ambitious, obsessed with (Microsoft) IT.

About Jente

IT has been a passion of Jente for as long as he can remember. Being an IT professional for many years, now, he doesn’t see himself doing anything else. IT is almost like the air I breathe. Indispensable.

After having started his career as the SMB-space, Jente quickly discovered his first love(s): Active Directory & Exchange Server.

Throughout his career, he occupied several roles that centered around Microsoft (Cloud) Technologies. What Jente loves about technology? The way it empowers people and organizations to achieve more, and how inspiring the intellectual challenge can be.

Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your results.

Besides working in IT, Jente also greatly enjoy sharings his knowledge and experiences with my peers and customers, be it as a teacher, consultant or just for fun.

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