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Glenn Van Rymenant

Security, Teamwork & Productivity

Short Bio:

Problem-solver, possessor of a critical and analytical mindset, devout advocate of the KISS-principle, eager, cheerful

About Glenn

As a young graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, Glenn got introduced to Microsoft 365 (when it was still just Office 365) on his very first engagement as an IT consultant, back in 2016. Glenn quickly got captivated by the potential of the platform and now, years later, it still amazes him to see how it has grown in every aspect and how it enhances the work life of its users (and administrators alike).

What really ignites him though (pun intended) is being able to assist customers in drawing more business value out of the platform and improve the service towards their users, enabling them to work more efficiently and securely.

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection

Mark Twain

If working with cloud technologies has taught Glenn one thing so far, it is that everything is evolving at such a rapid pace in today’s modern world that perfection is a moving target and not an achievable state. Continuous improvement is at the foundation of everything we do at The Collective and I’m proud to be a part of our journey and those of our customer

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